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ScatoPlus has grown to become one of Australia’s leading producers of compost for wholesale mushroom growers.
We offer a comprehensive support service that enables you to produce the best mushroom yield. Online compost analysis, over the phone advice and site visits will leave you with the best possible understanding of our products.


5437 3346 / 0407 509 881
1477 Yorkshire Road RD, Newbridge Vic 3551
For the past 18 years ScatoPlus has grown to become one of Australia’s leading producers of Phase 1, 2 and 3 compost for wholesale mushroom growers across Australia. A financially sustainable, modern agribusiness, Scatoplus is proudly run by dedicated staff, built on environmentally sound principles, profitable clients, loyal suppliers and community approval.

Located nearby the central Victorian town of Newbridge (approximately 25 minutes from Bendigo) the site was specifically chosen for the raw materials provided. Our location sits above the largest artesian water reservoir in Victoria, from which we draw our water supply under licence and has a 2-kilometre buffer of land zoned for farming only.

ScatoPlus runs a modern 24-hour production facility and uses raw materials grown on site (and by surrounding farms) that comply with industry benchmarked quality assurance systems and meets the highest HACCP standards.

Continually expanding, the site currently produces 500 tonnes of mushroom growing compost per week, offering Australia-wide delivery of a range of compost products suitable for medium and large-scale mushroom growing operations.

About 10% of all of Australia’s mushrooms are grown on ScatoPlus compost.


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